It Begins

“Hey! No, no, no, what do you think you’re doing?” Maya Solis squawked, throwing down the clipboard contents that she had been reviewing. “Does that look like where that goes? I don’t think so – in the store closet with all the rest of the alcohol. Thank you!”

She shook her head, annoyed, pinching the bridge of her nose in frustration. It was a habit she had picked up from her employer, and it had all but eclipsed her former lip biting. With a sigh, she gave her head – and short, brown hair – a firm shake, willing away the headache creeping into her periphery. We only have a week, she thought. Only a week. Maya was fond of her employer, Mr. Ducante, she really was. But his timelines… they just weren’t conducive to opening businesses.

In a week, she was expected to take full inventory, find a way to organize it, and find and train a staff. None of the three were particularly difficult; she could watch delivery men come and go, she could even shout the occasional order as the laziest amongst them tried to pawn off a box of brandy in the middle of the bar. And organizing? Well, after five bar openings, she was used to that. She would just use the same system she used at her home base in Selvmar. But finding a staff… finding a staff was the worst part for Maya Solis.

Oh, wait-staff was easy, for the most part. Bartenders? Not the worst. But there was select staff that Ducante required that were much harder to come by. These hires, they needed to possess some very unique talents. Normally, she could scare up a few candidates, but those were in bigger cities. New York, Chicago… she could handle the hiring there. Why did he feel the need to open a bar in this po-dunk town, Molten? The presence he was looking for in this town was minimal at best, and Maya, for one, was at a loss for where to start looking.

The job that she was particularly concerned with filling at the moment was that of “bouncer.” The clientele this bar would attract with Ducante at it’s helm would require more than the average muscle head to keep the rowdy in line. She was looking for someone with more finely tuned senses – someone who could pick up on traits that others might have labeled as unnatural.

Maya Solis sighed and bit her lip, tapping her almost-out-of-ink pen on the shining bar top. Her hazel eyes drifted towards the ceiling, fixating on the ostentatious chandelier that crowned the center of the bar, all the while wondering if the sort she was looking for might read the classifieds in a town like Molten.

“Hey!” She snapped as another delivery man entered the bar. “There’s a mat outside for a reason. Can’t you read the sign?! Wipe your feet!”

As the man started, back tracking to the mat with a disgruntled expression on his face, Maya Solis sighed again. It was going to be a long week.

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