Non-Post Post

Outside of the short story format, let me just say thank you everyone so much for reading and following this blog! It means so much to me that people have been keeping with the characters I love so much, and despite what I said – posting once a day – and despite what I’ve done – not posting for a week – I haven’t forgotten about you. I still have stories to tell. But at the moment, finals is TOTALLY defeating me, so it might be awhile until I get back into a solid posting schedule. (Think like… a week or so.)

So until that time, here is a dated picture of exactly what I think Ducante’s might look like (the door would be to the right in this picture, and the bar would be more swoopy) and an article I found on BBC about witches. Cool, right?

That being said, I will see you all on the other side of the semester for my last leg of undergrad. Whoohoo!

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2 thoughts on “Non-Post Post

  1. samatwitch says:

    Good luck with your exams.

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