Another Not-Post Post

Sorry guys – final week is still breathing down my neck and I’m just not up to a 1,000 some odd word post. Tomorrow or this weekend, though, I promise that I’ll  get back in the swing of things and all of you awesome people who have started following my blog can keep reading.

Until then, I do have something to tide you over. If you’ve read the ‘About the Originals’ page, you know that Gregory Ducante is a supporting character from my first finished manuscript, tentatively titled All of the Demons. I’m working my tail off between, you know, school/paying work/finals/social obligations to get the 68,000 word piece whipped into a more polished draft (which includes grammar patrol, reworking large sections, keeping the plot’s focus directed for the sequels) so that I can start querying agents.

And you can help.

Or, at the very least, you can give a read to the first 10 pages of the manuscript over here. I’m looking for critique and review of this first section to help guide my process in cleaning up the rest, so if you have anything to say about it, feel free to leave comments either on the Figment page, or here in my blog. I’ll check and appreciate ’em both.

Thanks so much for your patience while I slowly make my way out of homework land! One Gregory Ducante and I will be seeing you all soon for a real post, but until then, enjoy All of the Demons!

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