A Cool Not-Post Post

Alright guys, so I was on a roll with two little stories, the first in a long time, and now I’m totally going to interrupt for something else entirely. But it’s exciting, I promise!

The other day while surfing the interwebs I came across this super cool campaign: Crits for Water 2012. It’s run by Kat Brauer, YA-author extraordinaire who is volunteering her talents for a good cause (find her online here and here. She gets mega points for having a Cat-Cat on her website). You can donate just ’cause, or you can donate for a Krit with Cat. Erm, a Crit with Kat. Or you can donate to try and win Crits with some of the other awesome people she has lined up! It’s a great opportunity for aspiring writers to get some professional feedback on their work while doing something good for the world. As a huge fan of both charity and service, I fully back what she’s doing and hope you guys will help her reach her goal!

I already donated $25 for a Kat Crit, and assuming I have more money once thesis is done, I plan on potentially donating more (and maybe having her look at another project if she’ll allow it!). Speaking of which, that’s the other exciting news:

In my real life, my senior thesis is happening THIS WEEK. If you’re in the Milwaukee area, come by Gallery Night April 20th for a rip-roarin’ good time. Two weeks after thesis and I will be graduating with my BFA, and then off to do exciting other things because I HAVE A JOB. More on that later.

And I promise, once all this school nonsense is done, you can expect some more writing – maybe even some novel samples as I work through the editing process.

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3 thoughts on “A Cool Not-Post Post

  1. […] cool thing, which I was already talking about over here where all the short fiction lives, Crits for Water 2012. This super awesome campaign lets you trade donations for critiques from the […]

  2. samatwitch says:

    Congratulations on your thesis and subsequent graduation! And your new job. What a year this is for you.

    Keep writing. 🙂

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