Briefly, an Update!

Howdy everyone,

For those of you just finding your way here, I totally recommend checking out the About Page. All of the stories are meant to be stand alone exercises to explore some characters that have only appeared as minor contributors (or sometimes nameless faces) in larger works. In the beginning, they were never intended to be separate chapters of a bigger story or even to have any semblance of flow at all, but it’s sort of turned out that way.

I’m still trying to ensure that each story can be read as a standalone so that those readers just finding this site for the first time can read without feeling lost: you will at least be able to extract a mood, character profile, vague idea. But, since there is kind of an order to what’s happening, and the stories often reference shorts that I’ve written before, I’m going to start trying to go through to add hyperlinks where appropriate. This will also be helpful to me in distinguishing things I’ve covered here vs. things I’m planning for longer works/novels in the future. So I guess… look forward to more dynamic navigation in the future!

For now, though, thank you so much for reading, be you a new comer or one of the super awesome people that follow this blog. Y’all rock!

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