#EoB Trivia (Round 1)

With today’s Echoes of Balance cover release on Writer’s Ally and my fantastic editor Kisa tweeting some of her favorite lines from the book, I thought it might be appropriate to post some random trivia about the book and it’s characters. Consider this the first in many rounds – more to come when I’m feeling too low-energy to actually write a short story about Ducante and some of my other favorite characters that don’t get a lot of air time in The Ways trilogy. So, here we go:

1. Chloe, in her first iteration, was created when I was about eleven. I think she started as a Harry Potter-esque wizard and then I decided she wasn’t that at all, and slowly she evolved into being what she was and having a family and all that jazz and rhyme.

2. Chloe’s birthday would be in September (exact day unknown, she doesn’t keep track). Because I just feel like that’s a good season for her. Also, several of the people closest to me have birthdays that month, and I feel like she embodies some of their best – and worst – qualities.

3. Naimei is pronounced nigh (rhymes with ‘high’) may (rhymes with ‘hay’). It came about when I realized I finally had to name what Chloe was if she was going to be a main character. I think I was staring at a garbage can when it happened.

4. Naimei have existed in or around every major civilization and culture which is why the names of Chloe, her family members, and others of her kind seem so diverse – they’re an extremely multicultural people. THE WORLD IS THEIR OYSTER CULTURE.

5. That debonair vampire in the story’s cover release/back cover blurb? His name is Josef.

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