So, I was going to give y’all more trivia. Or, even a short story with some of the characters. While both of these things might still be forthcoming, recent events have led me to share a personal post with you all, which is fine because it gives you a better idea of where I come from when I write.

Today, I came home from the day job and jiggled my apartment door to see if one of my room mates had beat me home and undone the deadbolt. Instead of an answer, I was met with a horrible squawking sound from the other side of the door. Horrified, I unlocked the door and pushed it open and spied only my cat. Then I turned and saw a parrot.

A god damn parrot.

Just CASUALLY sitting on my room mate’s bike in our entryway.

I closed the door super quick and ran around trying to figure out what to do (and took a picture for evidence because I was clearly the only one home) and then decided to just make spaghetti and pretend the bird didn’t exist until someone else got home.

So one of my room mates walks in, and I quickly point out the bird and he starts freaking out and we start making some ‘DID YOU LOSE YOUR BIRD COME TO OUR APARTMENT’ signs in my room and try to figure out if anything in our house resembles a bird cage then we go out to find the signs and THE GOD DAMN PARROT IS GONE.

LIKE THE ULTIMATE SNEAKY CAT, IT JUST VANISHED. And I know it vanished or flew away or whatever, because both our apartment cats were locked in a room far away from the bird and we don’t have that many hiding places.

What this means is, basically, my apartment can be casually entered and exited by birds whenever they see fit so they probably come party during the day when we’re all at work.

Also, this is the third time in my five years living not with my parents that I’ve come home to WILDLIFE in my apartment and the second time that I’ve been the only one around to deal with it.

So… now you know more about my life. Goodies coming soon.

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