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Echoes of Josef

Apologies for how rough this is – it started as a character builder, and I haven’t put much time into going back and editing it, but here is Josef’s prelude to Echoes of Balance. More coming soon from perspectives of other characters. Stay tuned, and enjoy.

EoB is out via REUTS Publishing on December 17th. You can preorder your copy now on!

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PreOrder Echoes of Balance TODAY!

It’s finally here! Preorder your copy of Echoes of Balance before the December 17th release date TODAY:

I’m so happy to finally see links for people to buy my book. For those of you who have never experienced it, it’s nerve wracking and exciting and surreal all at the same time. I’m incredibly thankful for all of the folks who have helped me get this far: all the amazing ladies at REUTS, my friends, my family, my old coworker who used to demand a chapter out of me every day, everyone who reads this blog… all of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I’m also so thankful for the rest of my life. Writing isn’t enough to live on, and I’m happy to have a day job that I love (and that’s fulfilling!) and a great family and a great second family (roommates, hollah) in a city I can’t get enough of. Oh, and my Simple Cat. I’m really glad that he can’t keep his tongue in his mouth for more than five minutes.

So, anyway, go get your behinds to preorder a copy! And stay tuned – I swear there is a new, unique story en-route to this blog.

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EoB First Chapter available on REUTS!

If you’ve stayed tuned to past posts, you know that my first novel (Echoes of Balance) was picked up by REUTS Publishing, a brand new indie publishing house. Oh, and I’m their first title. SWEET.

It’s been exciting and busy and crazy and amazing. Edits finished, life stayed exciting and busy and crazy, and because my day job requires a lot of time and energy – and because I care about it a lot – this blog got a little pushed aside. But if you’re out there, you should totally go check out the first chapter of EoB on the REUTS website:

And stay tuned for another Ducante Originals short story between now and the presale of EoB, happening on Black Friday. I’ve returned to my roots – the low country of the South – and intend to do nothing but eat, sleep, and write for the next several days. Life is awesome.

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