Attn Readers:

I have a book. A released book. A released book that you can buy in places  and get on your ereading device or in a paper back copy that you can hold and love and whatever. A real book.

It’s a pretty cool feeling. I’m overwhelmed, exciting, and exhausted. It’s three days (THREE!) until winter break, a time when I can start dealing with finding reviewers, promoting this book, releasing exclusive content, and working on the sequel. Which will one day, hopefully, also be a book that you can hold and have and enjoy.

Until then, you should go buy this book. It’s available on Amazon, REUTS, and Barnes and Nobles, though for god knows why Amazon jacked the prices up. I’m choosing to believe it’s because they think a storm of people are about to buy it and they’re trying to make extra money. SUHWEET.




Barnes and Nobles


AND… Echoes of Josef, Part 2. (Part One is here.)

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