About the Author

I grew up in one of the most startlingly mediocre places in America: Midwestern suburbia. As an only child, I spent a lot of time by myself reading and especially writing. Over the years, I developed dozens of characters – some mundane, some magical. It provided a terrific escape and an outlet for my creative, story telling juices.

The only problem was, at the time I was just too young to appreciate what I had created.

After a brief hiatus from some of my favorite – albeit imaginary – people while I focused on the important things – high school, trying to survive college, writing semi-serious creative non-fiction and experimental short stories – I began reacquainting myself with my old friends. Two manuscripts later and I found myself constantly curious about the people I was writing about.

That’s where this blog comes in. I’m shooting for a post a day as often as possible to help explore my favorite of the worlds I’ve created. Don’t hate me if they come late: I have a part time job, a full time school schedule, a senior thesis, and a lot of prep work for my post-graduate job to worry about.

I hope that in blogging some short stories to help better explain, explore, and understand the world I’m writing about (when I’m not writing about trying to reconcile my mundane, mediocre upbringing, writing short realistic-fiction, and thrift store adventures over here) will allow me to share my terrific characters with other people.

In the event that you’re another writer, I hope that we can strike up a conversation. In the event you just love to read – read away! And in the very rare event that you are someone in the publishing world brought here by non traditional channels – like for instance, all the good karma that I’ve been banking by holding the doors open for old ladies at the mall – get in touch with me.

Generally, I’m a pretty average girl. I write, I draw, I have the occasional dance party. I’m about to graduate with my BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and will be moving to New York City for job-related reasons shortly thereafter. I live, teach, and love in NYC. Other than that, there’s not much to say: I’m just a vegetarian in search of the perfect leather jacket.

5 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. The Weekly Argus says:

    Milwaukee, eh? Does that mean you’re a Brewers fan? Or the Packers? Or maybe the Badgers? Or maybe you don’t like sports at all!

    Anyway, came across your blog, and I found it interesting. I’m a journalism major so I have a lot of writing aspirations as well, so I figured I’d wish you luck in yours!

  2. annejadams says:

    Hey, thanks for swinging by! I’m glad you did – I’m really enjoying rambling through both of your blogs, I like your style! And what a great idea to explore characters that just figure briefly in one story and give them a story of their own. I may have to do the same now that you’ve inspired me!
    I’m always ready to talk about writing with someone who gets it – hopefully we can chat soon


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